Journals Having High Impact Factor From North East India: Our Must Read List
by Dr. Tazyn Rahman

A journal’s credibility and acceptability in its community is measured by its impact factor. The higher the impact factor, the more credible a journal is. High impact factor journals have a highly influential network of editors who review articles and have higher editorial standards which make them the best in their industry. A high impact factor journal also carries authentic information and publishes only the best research papers and reports. We will share with you our list of some journals from North Eastern region of India having high impact factor that will help you in your research work.

International Journal of Research in Science and Technology

International Journal of Research in Science and Technology ISSN: 2394-9554 and Impact Factor 4.12 is a quarterly published double blind referred & reviewed journal. It invites scientists, researchers, practicing engineers to submit research papers, articles & case studies for Journal which aims to promote the link between science and technology and its applications. The journal focuses on issues related to the development and implementation of new methodologies and technologies in the area of technology and sciences. The journal provides a forum for researchers and practitioners for the publication of innovative scholarly research, which contributes to the adoption of a new approach that ensures an acceptable deployment of new technologies. Manuscripts for publication in IJRST are selected through a rigorous peer review to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability.

International Journal of Research in Management & Social Science

This high impact factor journal is an open access Double Blind Referred & Reviewed journal having Impact Factor:3.42 and is Internationally Indexed at 50 locations like Index Copernicus, ISRA, DRJI, Citefactor, Open Academic Journal Index, Research Gate, Advanced Science Index, Google Scholar, SciSeek, Scribd, I2OR, Academic Key, BING, iSeek, Researchbible, Global Impact Factor, DIIF, Jour Informatics, Journal Index, Inno-Space, General Impact Factor, Journalseek, Scientific Indexing Services, Exactseek, Research Impact Factor, New Journal Impact Factor etc.  It brings out 4 editions in a year. Its Editorial team comprises of highly qualified personals from renowned universities and educational institutions. It provides Publication Certificate.

International Journal of Advance & Innovative Research
International Journal of Advance & Innovative Research ISSN: 2394-7780 and Impact Factor: 3.25, is a quarterly double blind referred & reviewed international multidisciplinary journal published by  Indian Academicians and Researchers Association. The journal provides a platform to academicians, consultants, policy makers, business managers and practitioners to publish high quality research work in the areas of Engineering, Science, Technology, Applied Sciences, Business Management and selected areas of social sciences i.e. political science, public administration, history, psychology. The vision of the journal is to bequeath with academic podium to researchers across the globe to publish their original, innovative, pragmatic and high quality research work. The online version can be accessed and downloaded free of cost.

Man and Society: A Journal of North East Studies

This is another high impact factor journal having ISSN: 2277-6869, Global Impact and Quality Factor 0.266, is devoted to publication of professional and academic articles in the social, political, economic, anthropology and security related issues of North-East India. It is published annually every spring. The academically refereed Journal of North East India Studies (JNEIS) seeks to provide readers worldwide with peer-reviewed scholarly articles related to history, sociology, economics, education, political science and other issues related to North East India.

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